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JUNETEENTH history: Freedmen's Town!

Coach Miracle Renata
Coach Miracle Renata

Hey Siiissss, it's Miracle, with another edition of Miracle Moments,  your weekly dose of Empowerment, Transformation, and Shine.

Remember our theme for the month is JUNETEENTH? In case you missed the theme introductory post which I had made some days ago, click right HERE to read it.

In the spirit of Juneteenth, I am going to be sharing a historical fact with y'all today.

The Legacy of Freedmen's Town

How many of you know about Freedmen's town?

I am not even supposed to be asking the above question, but I got to ask anyway, because yunno, our history has been hidden away from us, and some of us are not in touch with history. Let me fill you in!

Freedmen's Town, also known as the "Harlem of the South," is nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas. Imagine for a second, a vibrant community that was built by formerly enslaved African Americans right after the Emancipation Proclamation. Yep, these fierce and fabulous folks turned their freedom into a thriving, self-sufficient neighborhood! But, not without some challenges.

Freedmen in freedmen's town
Freedmen's Village

After Major General Gordon Granger's announcement on June 19, 1865, informing the people of Texas that all enslaved individuals were free, formerly enslaved African Americans faced immense economic challenges. While the proclamation declared their freedom, the realities of their economic conditions were far more complex and difficult.

Think about it—being let out of a prison with nothing to your name and no one to rely on but yourself. Tough, right?

Many of them remained in agriculture as sharecroppers, a system where they used land in return for a share of the crops produced. Sadly, this often led to a cycle of debt and poverty, making economic independence almost impossible.

Safe Havens of Empowerment 

Despite these challenges, many freed African Americans sought to establish independent communities known as "freedmen's towns" or "freedom colonies." These towns were formed as safe havens where African Americans could exercise their new freedoms and build their lives away from the control of white landowners. Notable examples in Texas include Independence Heights in Houston and Freedmen’s Town in Dallas. These communities often included churches, schools, and businesses run by African Americans, fostering a sense of solidarity and mutual support.

Coach Miracle Renata

I draw so much inspiration from stories like Freedmen's Town. Just like those amazing folks, I am all about building a supportive and empowering community through my training sessions, my support groups, and all the special resources I have curated and put out there for all my Siiissss.

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With love,

Coach Miracle Renata 🤍🌹.

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